It all began accidentally when we were making brand identity project for a restaurant. We were asked to include apron design for Kitchen and Service staffs. Through researching, we acknowledged that most of the aprons in the local market could not meet the requirements for kitchen jobs. Especially they were not well made and used cheap material. Since then, we took our first step and made the very first apron design for a kitchen crew. After receiving amazing feedback and understanding the need for this segment in the local market, we confidently started this business with the belief of providing the best designs and quality aprons for you.


Starting from three people sharing the love for cooking and art, we got together and created a dream where the apron has it stand in the kitchen.

CO - FOUNDER & Director

Her passion for material and her gifted handicraft, gives NGOI the final touch.She is also responsible for the project management and the production process. Her attention for details brings any design on paper to life.


He is a meticulous person and a perfectonism. His talent for graphic design and his love for cooking brought out the art visual/image for NGOI at the beginning time. He gave NGOI an identity when our story started.

CO - Founder

A strategic consultant, an entrepreneur in love for cooking and aprons. His leadership skill and experiences guides NGOI. He creates the future path for NGOI and pushes theory into action.


Our passion to make durable but fashionable
aprons for professional chefs.


From harshly choosing perfect material to maintaining the quality for each products we made, we insure that the one that delivered to your hands is the thing that make you feel proud while wearing it.

We get inspiraton for our aprons mainly from chefs and barista since we worked with them most of the time. Moreover, daily life and our Vietnamese culture get us to involve with making the art apron refecting culture and arts in life.

Furthermore, we also provide accessories related with your apron works for the best convenience.

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Every kitchen needs at least an apron to protect its cooks. Have you chosen one for yourself?

Những đầu bếp chuyên nghiệp luôn yêu tạp dề của mình. Còn bạn, bạn đã có sự lựa chọn nào cho mình chưa?